• Motto

    Progress and Excellence

  • Welcome to ACES CLUB!

    The Aces Club Ikirun was by no means the first club to be established in the Ikirun area, but history records that it was the first to have set itself a socially constructive and, in the context of the period, politically desirable goal, one that was not limited to serving just the recreational needs of the elite

    About Us

    TO PROMOTE, foster friendship, cooperation and spirit of oneness among members., to harness and consolidate the efforts of members toward the peace, development and progress of the Ikirun community.

    Our Aim

    The Club shall be a socio-cultural, philanthropic, non-partisan and non-profit making association.

    Our Memebership

    Membership is open to male indigenes with both or either of the parents being of Ikirun parentage.

    A prospective member shall not be less than 26 years of age and should be holder of at least School Certificate or its equivalent


    Admission of new members shall be vested in the Membership Committee and subject to 2/3 majority approval of the club.