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(i) A candidate for any of the offices is free to canvass for votes.
(ii) The officers of the club shall be elected by secret ballot at every Annual
General Meeting of the club.
(iii) The elections shall be conducted by a duly appointed Returning Officer
from amongst the members. He is however free to reject the offer
(iv) Only financial members shall be eligible to vote or be voted for.
(v) A member will be eligible for nomination if he attends 75% of the
meetings conducted within the year.
(vi) It shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present and
(vii) Nobody shall vote or be voted for in absential except for very good
reasons accepted by 2/3 of financial members present.
(viii) Each member shall be entitled to vote once for each office.
(ix) In case of any tie, the President shall have the exclusive power to have a
casting vote in addition to his ordinary vote.

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