Aces Club of Ikirun came into existence in 1989. It had an Executive Committee that ran its affairs, under the leadership of Ace Adetoyese Adegboye until March 25, 2000, when the Executive lead by Ace Bayo Oladele took over.  These Executive had:

Ace Bayo Oladele (Late)               President

Ace Woye Olateru                        Vice President

Ace Sunkanmi Ajiboye                  General Secretary

Ace (Dr.) Akin Owolabi                 Asst. Gen. Secretary

Ace Tunji Olawoyin                       Financial Secretary

Ace Lateef Adeyemi                      Treasurer

Ace Lekan Olaore                         Social Secretary

Ace Leke Adegboye                       Chief Whip

Ace Iyiola Adegboye                     Auditor

Ace Toye Adegboye                      Ex Officio

Ace (Prof) Akanji                           Ex Officio

 This Exco was sworn in on July 22, 2000.

 Dec. 31, 2000-       Children End of the Year Party held at Chevron Club House, Gbagada Lagos. The first that would hold outside the president’s residence

April 14, 2001 –     Presentation of drugs and medical materials at the General Hospital, Ikirun

June 27, 2001 –      The Club’s President, Ace Bayo Oladele passed on in a motor accident along Lagos/Ibadan expressway

June 30, 2001 –      Bayo Oladele Memorial Trust Fund was set up

July 3, 2001 –         7th Day Fidau was held for Late Ace Bayo Oladele at his residence, Ebute Meta

July 21, 2001 –       Aces Woye Olateru and Akin Owolabi became President and Vice President respectively

Club offers 50% Tuition and Boarding fees Scholarships to Ace Bayo Oladele’s children

Aug. 1, 2001 –        Group insurance scheme for members took off

Aug. 4, 2001          40th day Fidau was held for Late Ace Bayo Oladele

Aug. 8, 2001 –        Reports of One-Man Committee on the Trust fund was submitted and adopted

Aug. 24, 2001 –      Review of the constitution started with the setting up of a 3-man committee headed by Ace Kayode Adeyemi

Dec. 2001 –            End of the year party and 1st Presidential Award held at Chevron Club, Gbagada, Lagos

Jan. – Dec., 2002   The Club discussed Insurance, Constitution Review, Club House issues all through the year

Feb. 15, 2003        1st Presidential Hosting at Ibadan

Aug. 23, 2003        Selection Examination for Aces Scholarship Grants was held at Ikirun

Members visit Akinrun’s palace after the test

Nov 29, 2003         Presentation of N20, 000 grants to 10 indigent citizens of Ikirun

Sep. 18, 2004        Insurance benefit was increased from N100, 000 to N250, 000 each for accident and life

Oct. 2004              5-Man Board of Trustee was inaugurated for the Club

Jan. 1, 2007           New Constitution takes effect

January 17, 2009 Ace (Dr) Akin Owolabi was elected as the Club’s President with the following EXCO members:

Vice President             Ace Iyiola Adegboye

Secretary General       Ace Bimbola Onisabi

Asst. Sec. Gen.             Ace Bisi Adeyemo

Financial Secretary     Ace Bimbola Abiona

Social/Welfare Sec.    Ace Kola Akanji

Chief Whip                  Ace Tunji Ibikunle

Internal Auditor          Ace Leke Adegboye