Our Story

Ikirun is situated in the north-eastern part of Osun state of Nigeria in Osun northeast division Ikirun is located within latitude 7 degree 50 feet north of Equator and longitude 4 degree 40 feet east of Greenwich meridian.

The idea behind Ikirun Day Celebration was the outcome or aftermath of a meeting of all Clubs in Ikirun which took place in December, 1991. The main objectives or purpose of Ikirun Day Celebration are as follows: First, to give the indigenes of Ikirun an opportunity to get acquaninted with the progress that their town has made so far, its problems and aspirations, and therefore make an assessment of the areas which various clubs and associations could be of help, financially and morally to the historic town. Secondly, Ikirun Day Celebration is an occasion of re-union. The Day is celebrated so as to generate rapport among Ikirun indigines by bringing them together in a carnival-like atmosphere, at least once a year. Thirdly, to bring home Ikirun indigenes who sojourn in far away places without coming home for many years. Fourthly, the Day is also set aside to generate and raise funds for the developmental projects e.g. building of modern palace for Akinrun. Lastly, to invite visitors, investors outsiders and friends to Ikirun in order to know the indigines and appreciate the beauty and culture of the township. The first Ikirun Day came up on 18 April 1992 at Akinorun Grammar School premises, Ikirun. The Day was preceded by prayers in the mosques and churches, symposium and paying of homage to Kabiyesi by the people of Ikirun at home and abroad.

1. Construction of more classrooms in our primary and secondary schools. 2. Expansion of market stalls 3. Citing of small scale industries 4. Provision of street lights in Ikirun 5. Repairs of broken water pipes in the town 6. Rehabilitation and tarring of existing township roads. 7. Erection of roundabout at Oba Adedeji market 8. Provision of recreational facilities 9. Establishment of higher institution of learning 10. Equipping the Ikirun Library with current books and computers. 11. Efficient distribution of mail in Ikirun 12. Establishment of more banks 13. Construction of Cultural Center 14. Construction of a Stadium 15. Award of Scholarship to indigines 16. Renovation of Townhall.