Membership is open to male indigenes with both or either of the parents being of Ikirun parentage.
A prospective member shall not be less than 26 years of age and should be holder of at least School Certificate or its equivalent.
A prospective member shall be of good character and proven integrity.
A financial member is that person who has paid at least ¾ of the annual subscription as at the end of the club year.
Members shall be known and addressed with the prefix ACE before their names.

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP:- An Honorary Life Membership Status shall be conferred upon a member of the Club who:

i. consents to be nominated as such
ii. has been a member of the Club for at least 20 years
iii. has not resigned his membership of the Club
iv. is of sound mind.
v. Is not a declared bankrupt
vi. Has not been convicted of a criminal offence before a court of competent jurisdiction.
vii. Has not been subject to any disciplinary action within the Club.
viii. Has attained the age of 55 years
ix. Is elected as such upon a 2/3rd majority of members at a General Meeting.


(i) Admission of new members shall be vested in the Membership Committee and subject to 2/3 majority approval of the club.
(ii) A prospective member shall formerly apply for enrolment through the Secretary General with a non-refundable fee of N1,000
(iii) Members on admission shall pay a non-refundable membership fee of N5,000.
(iv) Yearly subscription shall be N10,000 which may be paid on installmental basis at every general meeting or in full on or before the last day of the club year.
(v) Member transferred or otherwise leaves Nigeria shall continue to be a member provided such person wishes to remain in the club as well as being a financial member.
(vi) A member who either by long-distance transfer or departure from Nigeria with the formal knowledge of the club shall continue to be a member on leave of absence.
(vii) A financial member can introduce prospective members to the club from time to time.